A friend to new mothers

Sakhi is a virtual assistant that helps first time mothers raise their children, and manage their lives, in the crucial initial years.

This concept was a project for the module Design Project - 2 in the Information Design course at NID Bangalore.

Sakhi is…

A Well-wisher

Sakhi always has your best interests in mind. She remembers birthdays, appointments, checkups, and can even make diet or exercise suggestions. She encourages when you need it and shares your happiness when you achieve something.

Sakhi is always just a tap away.

Sakhi is…

A Timely Helper

Sakhi is constantly aware of nearby activities and informs you well in advance. She also keeps track of the weather, and relevant news — she then makes appropriate suggestions.

Sakhi is…

Your Personal Nurse

With Sakhi, you can be proactive instead of reactive. She takes inputs about the symptoms exhibited by your child, and asks relevant questions to understand the problem better. Being an always learning AI, she is able to make diagnoses more accurate over time.

Emergency Ready

Sakhi keeps a track of the nearest healthcare centres and hospitals so there's no reason to panic during an emergency

Always Learning Software

Sakhi learns about you and decides her level of involvement accordingly. She is designed to complement, not replace.

Designed Inclusively

Sakhi is designed to work on feature phones, or as an SMS service on phones without an internet connection.

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